Butterfly Trail at Moraine State Park

The Butterfly Trail at Moraine State Park is a small grass path loop off of the main path.  The loop is found less than 1 mile from the bike park (look for the sign on the left) and is close to the limestone path of North Country Trail.

During peak season, many butterflies and goldfish can be seen in the small artificial pond of the colorful arched bridge & the trail is surrounded by tall grass and wildflowers.

Butterfly Trail is a great place to relax, watch wildlife, and connect with nature all around you.

The loop itself is a wide grassy path – it’s possible to be accessed by wheelchair, although soft limestone supports may be required.

Butterfly Trail consists of a pond, , bridges, arbor, gazebo and boardwalk, as well as multiple educational kiosks that inform you of the surrounding wildlife and plants.

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